Sandy Anderson has an amazing ability to clearly identify top level goals and the building blocks that are needed to get there. She also understands the emotional element of changing a culture and this is where I most appreciated her insight. Working on a project to build a “team sales” culture, I found Sandy to be more than adept at identifying and articulating potential challenges that may slow progress due to existing cultural norms. Then, once we were aware of the current state, and acknowledged reality, we worked closely together to create a plan to move forward.
— Jay Millar - Vice President Worldwide Sales - SPATIAL.COM
The coaching was very intuitive, discovered the deeper reasons why people have conflicts with each other, and provided some good solutions and practical tips to help resolve…

Also, you provided some good insights to what investors, and upper management need to hear, and see in written documentation for them to feel comfortable that the ship is moving in the right direction, with a sound plan, and keep investments profitable for bottom line.
— Heinz Heidenreich - Vice President – Spirits Division, Cork Supply, USA

Sandy brings a unique level of energy to the complex task of strategic planning for companies both large and small. Sandy’s experience in large scale corporate growth translates well to smaller companies that require her unique skill set and tireless focus to ensure careful planning is undertaken for responsible growth. Strategic planning is an essential tool for every company and Sandy has what it takes to get your program on course.
— Matthew Morrill VP, Business Development at CavCom Inc

Sandy is bright, bold, attentive and caring. She is an incredible communicator and follows her own advice, which I greatly respect. I will continue to work with Sandy at every opportunity and would encourage others to do the same
— Dan Dodot, Regional VP Sales at Rogue Wave Software

The sales assessment tool has been extremely helpful for our recruiting and retaining processes
— Chad Cantor, GM Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Supply