Certified Partner of Objective Management Group & Best Sales Assessment for 8 years

For 8 years running, OMG has been awarded the BEST Sales Assessment! Find out why!

For 8 years running, OMG has been awarded the BEST Sales Assessment! Find out why!

Sales Organization Health-check

Engaging your sales team, we interview to assess the vitals of your sales organization and uncover areas of opportunities to coach and scale.

Sales Strategy & Planning

Do you have a Strategic Sales Plan or is it in your sales leadership's head? Just about everyone says they have one. "Yes, of course we have a Sales Plan."  And we say, great, can we see it and review it with

Sales COaching

We work individually with your sales team from SVP's to individual contributors to develop, or enhance, the necessary skills to strategically and effectively lead your sales organization.

SALES On-Boarding

Almost all of the companies we support have indicated they either do not have an on-boarding process defined to ramp up a sales person successfully or that it is missing key information and processes.  

 You've invested much in the hiring and selection process; let's make sure your investment returns success to your company as soon as possible in a well defined on-boarding methodology.

We will design your customized on-boarding process covering 30,60,90 Day and Ongoing for new sales hires.

SALES ORGANIZATION and Executive Team Evaluation

So you’re hiring the next Sales VP or Manager thinking it will solve your revenue problem but do you know what is the root cause? We will evaluate your sales organization and shine a light on the gaps and create the pathway to success.


We utilize the world's most effective Assessment tools on the market. Not only is it so reliable that you can eliminate 96% of the mistakes made in hiring sales personnel (representatives, directors to vice presidents), you also receive ROI by not having either your sales management or

Interim Sales management

Do you need coverage of sales leadership during a search or due to reorganization? Don't wait and don't miss your sales momentum. We are able to provide you support from mid level sales management to SVP of Global Sales. 


Have you asked is there is another way, a better way to compensate your sales team? Ask yourself these questions and if your answer is “No”, we can help!

  • Is your sales compensation plan driving the behaviors you want?

  • Is your compensation plan motivating to those you are recruiting and to your current sales personnel?

  • Is the plan in alignment with your Purpose, Vision and Core Values of the corporation?

Designing a compensation plan is both an art and science formulated specifically to your company’s requirements.

Sales Process

What is your sales process?  What are your top sales representatives doing compared to your lower performing sales representatives? Does every sales representative use the process consistently?

When sales representatives and sales leadership are clear about what step of your sales process each prospect is in, and what and how long before the next action is taken, coaching conversations take less time and are more productive.

Let us come to your company and work with your team to create a custom selling process that works.