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We utilize Objective Management Group's Sales Candidate Assessments which is the world's most effective tool on the market. Not only is it so reliable that you can eliminate 96% of the mistakes made in hiring sales personnel (representatives, directors to vice presidents), you also receive ROI by not having either your sales management or human resources screen each resume. Instead, your candidates complete an online set of questions that are customized for your company and the results are calculated against OMG's science of selection. Imagine a tool so reliable and yet so insightful.   

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The Magic in the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment 

Have you ever hired a salesperson that didn't work out, even though you were sure they would? Or do you need stronger salespeople to combat how difficult selling has become in 2017? If you answered yes, then our webinar will provide you with the information to help you identify and select those very salespeople. 

HOSTED BY SALES EXPERT DAVE KURLAN, Founder and CEO of Objective Management Group

Dave will lead you through a compelling 45-minute session on how the magic in OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment will put sales hiring problems in the rear view mirror.