Conscious Selling™ Research - The First Finding

In our consulting practice, we focus on being both a Conscious Business and helping others gain more ground in their journey as a Conscious Business. After talking with a number of companies, we’ve recently discovered a gap in translating Conscious Capitalism into sales organizations and their respective sales processes. We decided to conduct research on what we have termed “Conscious Selling™”.

Conscious Selling™ is selling in alignment with your company’s purpose, mission and values with execution to those. These sales efforts and activities are the lifeblood, the active energy, that illustrates to the market, to customers and to prospects what your company is about. In Conscious Selling™, the end to end sales administration and operations (methodology, sales process, proposals, goal setting and compensation) need to be litmus tested against the purpose, mission and values. This insures that your message and the selling behavior is delivered in holistic fashion.

We’ve created an interview questionnaire covering over 15 categories looking for best practices or trends and patterns. For example:

  • Sales Interviewing & Hiring

  • Sales Training & Development

  • Sales Strategy & Goal Setting

  • Sales Methodology & Process

  • Sales Metrics & Measurement

After interviewing 16 companies so far, we have seen trends developing and here is one of our first findings.

Companies that clearly have the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values in place are comfortably able to translate what those mean (i.e. the behaviors they want their employees to emulate and the processes they are using)….except for SALES in most cases!

When a Founder/CEO is functioning as the main sales person we’ve often found that they are reluctant to ‘turn over’ the sales reigns to someone else. In our interviews we have found that they are grappling with this step, expressing that it is critical to their company’s future growth and will allow their focus to be more strategic than operational, if they choose to grow. As they make their decision on growth, they will need to figure out the steps to create a Conscious Selling™ sales organization. And so the gap continues, at least for now.

If you are interested in talking about Conscious Selling™ or in having our help as a catalyst for change please contact us.