What Do "Super Chickens" Have To Do With Your Outcomes?

We all hear about the importance of teamwork and how it contributes to progress and success. Current research of Margaret Heffernan clarifies how true this is with her current research. The hypothesis is, if you have chickens that produce the most eggs and you keep breeding them together (removing the ones who aren't performing as well), you will get the "Super Chickens" who produce the most eggs right?

Wait a minute, this isn't what they found. Actually these high producing chickens peck the others to death to stay in the game. Instead of producing more eggs, there were fewer chickens so they produced less eggs.

So the question is how do we use these ideas in business. Well, if you are an organization that only looks to hire people with the highest IQ's, the best education and are "Super Chickens" so to speak, this suggests that you might want to rethink your strategy. Will that group be willing or able to work with others to create the best ideas?  

This is a paradigm shift in what creates the most productive and creative ideas and what leadership is. It is about replacing rivalry with social connectedness. It is looking for what happens in relationships and understanding that bringing out the best in others is how we find the best in ourselves. Rivalry has to be replaced by social connectedness because when no one is a superstar, everyone's ideas count and we come to the best ideas. Leadership becomes an activity where conditions are created that everyone can do their most creative work together.  

"No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if your playing a solo game, you'll always lose out to a team." Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder.