Are you a Conscious Selling™ Organization?

According to the 2016 World Forum we are moving out of the Information Age into the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Purpose Age and with this comes changes in how we sell.. Has your company changed your sales process or sales training to adapt? Does your sales training still look like this?

Conscious Selling© is selling in alignment with your company’s purpose, mission and values with execution to those. These sales efforts and activities are the lifeblood, the active energy, that illustrates to the market, to customers and to prospects what your company is about. In Conscious Selling©, the end to end sales administration and operations (methodology, sales process, proposals, goal setting and compensation) need to be litmus tested against the purpose, mission and values. This insures that your message and the selling behavior is delivered in holistic fashion.

Conscious Selling© is NOT the old “blue suede shoes” selling techniques. It is authenticity, flexibility and perseverance but these must be tied to true values not to untruths.

Because of the internet, our prospects come to us knowing about us, our product, our reputation and our competition. When translated day to day, Conscious Selling™ means knowing how to differentiate yourself.

We need to know:

  • WHY we offer what we offer,

  • WHAT we are offering - really understanding our product or service

  • HOW our systems work,what the customer experience is from beginning to end

  • HOW it supports the prospect in their business

Practical Applications for Conscious Selling©:

  • Ask probing questions to determine the real needs and how your product or service will fulfill those needs

  • Be fully present so the prospect authentically feels they are all that matters in this moment

  • Pay close attention to words and behaviors so you "hear" all the needs

  • Provide solutions to your client's situation

Transition into the Purpose Age with the Art of Conscious Selling™ and a Conscious Selling™ Sales Process.

Please contact us if you have a sales organization of more than five people and want to be a part of our Conscious Selling™ research.