Sales has come a long way from “Snake Oil” days. Or has it?

This infographic from Hirevue (you can click on the link to view it) shows the history of sales techniques. Thank goodness it has come a long way from “Snake Oil” days.  Or has it?  

Fast forwarding to:
1988 we hear “bridge the pain” of the buyer.
1993 focused on “Close more sales, there is no other reason to sell.”
2000’s “Win-Win is the goal outcome” but is it?  Doesn’t “winning” imply someone is losing even with the double win?

They all still say that the most important part of the process is to get the sale “ask for the order”, “close the deal”. It is no wonder sales has such a bad rap. Sales organizations don’t want to even be called “Sales” anymore and are changing the name to “Business Development” to avoid the thought that they are selling something. We get it.  

At Illuminate Sales we want to change the way people feel about sales and we are proudly leaving the word “Selling” in. Listen to this 5 minute interview.

Conscious Selling has come out of the reality that much has changed about both buying and selling such as the internet where customers come to companies knowing more about your company, your product and your team compared to what your sales personnel know. Customer’s expectations have changed too; most have developed their Mission, Vision and Values and some have gone further into Purpose as a guiding principle for their management or have embraced Conscious Capitalism or B-Corp and therefore want the sales process to be completely different.  It is less about selling something and more about why a customer is buying and steering them to what they really need. Because even with all of the pre-work the customer can do with the internet, they may still not know the best solution for them.

What is Conscious Selling™? It is selling in alignment with your company’s purpose, mission and values with execution to those. These sales efforts and activities are the lifeblood, the active energy, that illustrates to the market, to customers and to prospects what your company is about. In Conscious Selling, the end to end sales administration and operations (methodology, sales process, proposals, goal setting and compensation) need to be litmus tested against the purpose, mission and values. This insures that your message and the selling behavior is delivered in holistic fashion.

Conscious Selling is NOT Wells Fargo and they are still struggling with the aftermath, down 43% in credit card applications in the 4th quarter. If they had litmus tested the actions against their values and purpose which is on their website, it would have ended differently.  Read our Blog post to learn more.

Can we help you and your sales team  feel proud of your sales organization? 

Please contact us if you have a sales organization of more than five people and want to be a part of our  Conscious Selling™  research.

With Joy,

Sandy and Holly