How Has the Sales Environment Changed in the Last 30 Years?


A lot has changed in Sales in the last 30 years. How has your company changed to be compatible with that movement? Is your sales process and training still the same?  If you want to see a funny short video on this click here.  What do these changes look like and how are we behaving day to day to incorporate those changes?

Because of the internet our prospects come to us knowing much about us, our product, our reputation and about our competition.  

Translated day to day this means that what we really need to know is how to differentiate ourselves from all the others our prospect has researched.

  • We need to know WHY we offer what we offer,

  • WHAT we are offering - really understanding our product or service

  • HOW we sell it - our systems and what the customer experience will be from beginning to end

  • And HOW it supports the prospect in their business

We call this "Conscious Selling™".  

  • Ask probing questions to determine the real needs and how your product or service will fulfill those needs

  • Authentically allow the prospect to feel that they are the most important and interesting person (or group) to you at this moment

  • Pay close attention to what they are saying and to their behavior so you "hear" all the needs and then provide the best solutions, custom to their situation

  • Keep your mind in the moment. Reading emails or wondering what you will do an hour from now is distracting to your mind and doesn't allow you to stay on point

Increase your revenue and profit by moving your sales team into the Art of Conscious Selling™ and creating a Sales Process that works. 

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