The Holiday Gift of Ideas!

Early Holiday greetings to you from Sandy!

Sometimes we need moments of education or learning to shock us into a new way of thinking and TED talks and other inspirational sites do that for me. So my early Holiday gift to you is my top 5 talks. Enjoy!  I hope these ideas help you think about your work and lives in a new way for 2017. 

  1. Drew Dudley asks "What is living rent free in your head?" and "Why do you matter?" in these Leadership Lessons from the Desert.  
  2. Amy Cuddy poses a question about body language in a new way.  How does what YOU do effect your confidence level?  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
  3. Nancy Duarte recognizes that we all need to present our ideas and she shares the "secret" science behind structuring your message so others will listen and take action. Watch The Secret Structure of Great Talks
  4. Laurie Santos has discovered that people (like monkeys) become more willing to take risks when we stand to lose something. We change and try new behaviors when we are pushed and it comes with being mindful and choosing our actions. A Monkey Economy as Irrational as Ours 

  5. Most people have hearrd Simon Sinek's TED talk on "HOW great leaders inspire action". But have you seen this one? Simon asks "What is a leader's first role?"  Answer "To create a safe place so employees, vendors, clients and stakeholders flourish"  "Leadership is not a rank or position, it is a choice." Learn more by watching Why Leaders Eat Last.  

I would love to work with your company in 2017, creating the BEST Sales Team possible and much more.

I wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous and healthy New Year,