Research has shown that our own body language can influence our outcomes in a positive or negative way. 

  • Our bodies change our mind
  • Our minds change our feelings
  • Our feelings change our outcomes

Do you want to have powerful productive outcomes? Try it now! Stand in this power pose (hands up in a V and chin up) for TWO minutes and see how you feel.

Isn't this the way you want to go into a negotiation meeting, a business proposal meeting a meeting with your boss or an interview?

We all know that our body language and others body language accounts for 50% to 70% of how we communicate. And we now know that YOUR body language impacts how YOU are feeling.

What are you doing right now? Are you slumping over your computer or are you in a meeting with your legs and arms crossed? Are you smiling or frowning?

What do the Olympian's do when they run across the finish line in first place? They raise their arms in a V and lift up their chin. It is the universal language for success, power, feeling good and feeling proud. In fact, animals also exhibit this body language when they are showing pride or power. If a person blind from birth was to run across that finish line in first place (having never seen this position) they would naturally move in this way.

Physiologically, there are hormonal changes when we take this stance. It increases Testosterone (the power hormone) and decreases Cortisol (the stress hormone). The outcome is we feel more powerful and more relaxed.

What's holding you back from standing up right now and trying it?

Listen to Amy Cuddy's TED Talk to understand the research. It is fascinating!