Why is it that the most successful companies have core values? What are they anyway?

What do many successful companies have in common? How is ACE Hardware managing to consistently have higher profits than the "Big Box" hardware stores? Why are Starbucks, The Container Store, Tom's Shoes, Whole Foods and many others, more profitable than companies in their category?

It isn't a secret. In fact, the organization they are all part of, Conscious Capitalism, is openly sharing the concepts. An important part of the recipe is having Company Core Values. These values are the fabric that defines how all employees behave with each other, their clients, their suppliers and their stakeholders.

What are Core Values?

  • They are a boundary of behavior, a way of acting, that we all honor.
  • They are the values that an organization hold which form the foundation on which everyone in a company performs work and conducts themselves.
  • They allow a company to begin with the WHY of what they do, not the WHAT and people buy with emotion (the WHY) not with logic (the WHAT).

At Illuminate Sales Potential we help companies create and implement Company Core Values.