Sandra finds solutions that are strategic yet practical and result in driving aggressive growth and profitable revenue. She is an expert in harnessing the power of cross-functional teaming enabling the sales organization.

With over 20 years of leadership across both product and service companies in various industries, she has excelled in building or augmenting successful direct and indirect sales organizations by inspiring a collective team environment. Sandra’s spirited style and philosophy is to invest in people, processes and programs of a company thus enabling sustainable results. Determined to help businesses grow, Sandra is an ardent part of the solution that ignites the flame of successful change. “A spark, added to combustible material, will fuel a fire and illuminate.”

 Sandra can help illuminate the potential to invoke and inspire change, the change that will maximize the potential of your people to produce dramatic results.

Sandy simply loves the sales process. Every. Single. Element. Of. It.

Sandy was born in Detroit and embodies the saying, "Detroit Hustles Harder". Add in a dash of Motown, the arts, the parks and the great outdoors. A smidgen of the Lions and Tigers: then Bears and Bronco's, you can follow where she's relocated and now lives. Leaving corporate America after 20+ years, she is harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit, helping companies succeed while enjoying her passions of good family & friends, good books, good food and excellent wine.

Sandra served as President for the Conscious Capitalism - Colorado Chapter

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Sandra Anderson Founder of Illuminate Sales Potential Colorado

Sandy’s ability to work through all the noise and get to the heart of a problem, then offer creative solutions for solving them is unsurpassed.
— Kathy Twomey, formerly of Dell EMC

I brought Sandy into a situation that was lined with tough transformative issues and she was able to break through many barriers to assist our sales transformation.
— Brian Pierce, CEO 

Rogue Wave Software

The sales assessment tool has been extremely helpful for our recruiting and retaining processes.
— Chad Cantor
GM Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Supply

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